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Amazon Shop Optimization (SEO)

As an SEO agency, we can successfully offer shop systems that drive traffic to your Amazon products. And we talk about up to 500 visitors every day!

Ebay Shop Optimization (SEO)

We also optimize your Ebay shop and increase the visibility and sales of your products. We use professional tools to find the most important keywords for your products!

Based in Germany, working internationally​

Why us for the UK market?

The Headquarter of our Agency is based in the middle of Germany, Fulda. The knowledge and competition for online marketing is very high in Germany, many large SEO tools such as Xovi, Searchmetrics or Ryte are developed in Germany.

If your online-marketing consist in Germany you can master the world. And we are more than consisting in Germany

Why us for the German market?

  • We know the German culture and local challenges
  • We know the particularities of the strong GDPR in Germany
  • Be careful when trading vitamins and dietary supplements online. It is very strict in Germany! We have good lawyers for the consultation of the pharmaceutical law.
  • We have good contacts to German influencers for advertising your product
  • We have a self-developed KI to optimize campaigns

What our customers say about us:

A partnership between 2 agencies can't work better, here concentrated know-how meets creative implementation! I am looking forward to many more exciting projects with you!
Uli Ebert
Uli Ebert
12:30 18 Jun 18
In order to sell our products a bit better, we have engaged WebQuantum to advance us in the search engines. I think it's really good that Amazon now also functions as a "search engine", this is one of the best optimizations! Our product is now called much more frequently! Many thanks WebQuantum.
Tanja Adamenko
Tanja Adamenko
14:15 15 Feb 18
The optimization of the search engine is great, I can only recommend WebQuantum. This service delivers what it promises. Top quality service.
John Kurrich
John Kurrich
08:52 22 Feb 18
great know-how, very professional, view from a different angle. Highly recommended.
René Bug
René Bug
12:05 13 Dec 16
Great Work!
Jürgen Lauer
Jürgen Lauer
16:14 04 Jun 17

Holistic Online Marketing from WebQuantum
What is the key to a successful website?

Many visitors, a nice layout, or the reproduction of the company philosophy? These criterias don’t defines a successful website! A successful site provides the solution to the requirements of your target audience. A successful site have to show all aspects, which are needed for perfect result. Why does a person with purchasing power search on Google? What is the requirement behind this searched keyword? How can this requirement be satisfied? Can my solution beat other competitors in the market without high advertising costs? Based on defined goals, different marketing channels such as SEO, SEA, E-Mail Marketing or Social Media Marketing are continuously evaluated and optimized.

5 steps to success

  1. Definition of different target goups (audiences) with purchasing will and purchasing power
  2. How is the competition positioned in the market? Joint definition of measurable success targets
  3. Permanent optimization of different online channels and different target groups (audiences)
  4. Holistic optimisation, across the individual disciplinary boundaries
  5. Out of the comparability of the offer and the associated price pressure with innovative extension and ideas
Our SEO measures have increased the visibility of a customer’s website in Google.

Certificates and Philosophy

We are a Google Engage certified agency. As a Google partner, we can, for example, issue vouchers for new accounts for Google AdWords advertising.

Sales automation is an important building block for us in online marketing. Sales processes are worked out once and then run on autopilot thanks to sales automation

If you serve several customers in the same industry, there can only be one conflict of conscience. After all, there can only be one place, 1. Therefore, we have decided to accept only one customer from each industry.


We want you to be satisfied! And always (will)! Therefore we do not work with long contract periods and commitments!

Overview of our customers:

We are happy to help!

Even though we are an online marketing agency based in beautiful Fulda, we support national and international marketing projects. Our over 10 years of experience helps us to always find the best channels and solutions for our customers’ online marketing problems and challenges. Because no project is similar to others. As each customer has its own goals and target groups, it is not enough to simply work through a step-by-step guide. A creative approach and constant optimization creates a calming distance to competitors.