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Amazon SEO & Amazon-Shop Optimization
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Our Amazon services as Amazon SEO agency, from 700 £ per month

  • Amazon Marketplace Optimization (MPO) through Amazon SEO & Sales Promotion & Emotional Product Descriptions
  • PPC - Campaign Management & CPO Optimization
  • Traffic & sales growth through external visitors, important in a highly competitive environment

A big competition provides a huge offer at Amazon

The number of sellers on Amazon and the corresponding number of suitable products is huge. It can happen very quickly that your own offers are simply undermined by the competition. That’s why it’s no longer enough for Amazon to simply list its products without further optimization.

Amazon Ranking Optimization Important for Your Revenue Growth

Many traders on the Amazon marketplace are frustrated because their sales are not as desired, or are even declining due to growing competition.

This is precisely why Amazon ranking optimization or Amazon SEO is all the more important in order to gain an advantage over the competition.

The graphic on the right shows two webshops on Amazon. One was optimized by WebQuantum, the other not. The percentages refer to the sales growth of the shops.

What our customer say about us

Besser kann eine Partnerschaft zwischen 2 Agenturen nicht funktionieren, hier trifft geballtes Know-How auf kreative Umsetzung! Ich freue mich auf viele weitere spannende Projekte mit Euch!
Uli Ebert
Uli Ebert
12:30 18 Jun 18
Um unsere Produkte etwas besser an den Mann zu bringen, haben wir WebQuantum engagiert uns in den Suchmaschinen voranzubringen. Richtig gut finde ich auch, dass nun auch Amazon als "Suchmaschine" fungiert, dies ist eine der besten Optimierungen!. Unsere Ware wird nun viel häufiger aufgerufen! Vielen Dank WebQuantum.
Tanja Adamenko
Tanja Adamenko
14:15 15 Feb 18
Die optimierung der Suchmaschiene ist super, ich kann WebQuantum nur empfehlen. Diese Dienstleistung hält was sie verspricht. Top Qulität des Service.
John Kurrich
John Kurrich
08:52 22 Feb 18
großes Know-how, sehr professionell, Betrachtung aus einem anderen Blickwinkel. Sehr zu empfehlen.
René Bug
René Bug
12:05 13 Dec 16
Korrekte Arbeit!
Jürgen Lauer
Jürgen Lauer
16:14 04 Jun 17
Die Dienstleistung hält was sie verspricht. Sehr gut Qulität des Service.Sie werden geholfen und sehr gute Arbeit.Ich kann jeder empfehlen.
Mai Drkush
Mai Drkush
09:06 30 Sep 19
Sehr gute und komoetent Agentur endlich mal eien firma die ihr geld wert ist! Hier ist das geld gut investeirt ich liebe WebQuantum kann es jedme nur empfehlen!TOP EMPFEHLUNG!
Sebastian Schmid
Sebastian Schmid
09:20 08 Oct 19
Hier werden Sie geholfen. Nichts bleibt unversucht für den Erfolg.
M Fuchs
M Fuchs
06:44 13 Dec 16

Based in Germany, working internationally​

Why us for the UK market?

The Headquarter of our Agency is based in the middle of Germany, Fulda. The knowledge and competition for online marketing is very high in Germany, many large SEO tools such as Xovi, Searchmetrics or Ryte are developed in Germany.

If your online-marketing consist in Germany you can master the world. And we are more than consisting in Germany

Why us for the German market?

  • We know the German culture and local challenges
  • We know the particularities of the strong GDPR in Germany
  • Be careful when trading vitamins and dietary supplements online. It is very strict in Germany! We have good lawyers for the consultation of the pharmaceutical law.
  • We have good contacts to German influencers for advertising your product
  • We have a self-developed KI to optimize campaigns

Amazon success bases - the price, the delivery time and the forwarding expenses

One can still offer such a great product for sale and present it professionally, if the price is not right, it comes to very few sales.
Amazon therefore sorts its search results according to providers with low prices and good ratings, since the probability of a purchase is relatively high here.
Products with a significantly higher price only have a chance of good placements with very good ratings, as Amazon then earns more in percentage terms from these products.
Therefore, appropriate research should be carried out on co-supplier products and their prices and the pricing of the own product should then be carried out. A further important success factor is the delivery time of a product, because no customer wants to order an article and then wait long periods until it is received.
Studies have shown that Amazon customers prefer to buy products “from stock”. This is why products with this attribute are listed at the top of the Amazon search algorithm. The shipping costs at Amazon also have an effect on purchasing behavior. Products with low or free shipping are therefore also listed at the top of the search results.

Strategic approach to Amazon optimization and measurability of measures

1. Keywords

A detailed keyword search is carried out for each product. Many products are provided with the most different terms. A salesman of Kräppeln should also put these as Berliner, Kreppel and Faschingskrapfen in Amazon, in order to be found under all relevant terms. Because who gives away already gladly 70% of the possible sales, only because he is looked for under his product designation by the fewest?

Using various tracking tools, the positions of the keywords found are then recorded and analysed very precisely. By means of a clearly arranged graph, it is possible to see exactly how the rankings and the relevance of the individual products develop. Unwanted developments can thus be quickly identified and corrected so that nothing stands in the way of successful sales on Amazon.

2. Competitor Analysis

Each product to be optimized can be clearly compared with the top listed products in the same category. This makes it clear which content still needs to be added or whether your own product is placed in the right category.

Professional tip: Direct additional visitors to your Amazon products through an external website.

Exclusively we can offer as Amazon agency websites, which lead Google visitors to your Amazon products at a very reasonable price. We are talking about up to 300 additional visitors per day! The systems are set up once and then, with the exception of hosting, cause no further costs.

For good listings in Amazon, the product description, the product title, positive ratings and easy-to-read bullet points are important. However, in order for a product to be very well listed in the face of strong competition, the purchase rate is ultimately the decisive factor. This is the only way to overtake your competitors.

The purchase rate means that those products are listed higher which are bought more frequently in comparison to similar products of the respective category which have a comparable number of visitors.

That’s why we offer you highly optimized external pages that direct additional visitor traffic specifically to your products on Amazon. The whole process is fully automated, which means that you as a customer incur only minimal costs.

A customer's website from our headquarter in Germany (Fulda).

We are happy to help!

Even though we are an online marketing agency based in beautiful Fulda, we support national and international marketing projects. Our over 10 years of experience helps us to always find the best channels and solutions for our customers’ online marketing problems and challenges. Because no project is similar to others. As each customer has its own goals and target groups, it is not enough to simply work through a step-by-step guide. A creative approach and constant optimization creates a calming distance to competitors.